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Judi Davis – LCAC Artist

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After exchanging my Kodak Brownie for my first 35mm, a camera has been around my neck, on my shoulder or within reach for the past 25+ years.  I’ve worked both as an amateur and professional, teaching photography or accepting whatever freelance work would come my way.
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I enjoy the playfulness and constant motion of natural light as it dances around a subject. Whether it is the neighborhood children splashing through one of Portland’s puddles or the simple dance of clothes drying on a line, I am not only drawn to this rhythm in nature but my camera seeks it like a magnet!

Several years ago, I was asked to teach a photography class to students at a school in Honduras.  I returned for a couple of years. That opportunity led me to create a week long experience for students in Portland, known as PhotoCamp PDX.

Camps are offered in the Spring and Summer. Please contact me      email   website 
Judi Davis is available for portrait and commercial work.

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Photocamp PDX 2015 Update

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Judi Davis’ PhotoCamp PDX 2015 that is coming up the week of July 20-25th is now FULL!

Looks like a creative and fun time will be had by all.

PhotoCamp PDX 2015
PhotoCamp PDX 2015

History and Camp Beginnings

Several years ago, I was asked to teach a photography class to students in a school in Honduras.  I returned to teach for a couple of years.  It was a wonderful experience which provided me the opportunity to create a week long camp for students in Portland known as PhotoCamp PDX.

During the week long camp, students learn photography basics; camera operation, composing a photograph, printing images, and matting to frame and show.

The camp concludes with a Gallery Walk to celebrate their success with family and friends. The talented photographers have displayed their work at Blue Kangaroo, and you’ll find their cards at Portland Homestead Supply.

Theresa Weil – LCAC Artist

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Theresa Weil is a professional mixed media artist with a career rooted in Oregon’s arts and culture for the last three decades of career. Create works in various traditional and commercial mediums such as graphic design, ceramics, drawing, oil, acrylic and reverse glass painting. These mediums are the foundation for current paper collage works. Create “assemblage art” that further explores paper collage and paper board in two/three dimensional sculptural work. Commissions created for clients reflect their surroundings, sensibilities and life.

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