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Call for Artists – 2015 LCAC Holiday Show

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The 2015 LCAC Holiday Show will take place the first weekend in December (4th and 5th) at the Multnomah Arts Center.  More information about the show is included in the application.

LCAC (Left Coast Artists Collective) is a group of women artists in a variety of mediums ranging from sculpture, painting, ceramics, fiber arts, jewelry, wood, mixed media and more. This is our 4th Annual holiday show at this venue and we have been very pleased with the quality of artists, venue and customers.   Many of the group members will be participating again but we have some additional booth spaces available and hope you will consider joining us.

If you have any additional questions or are interested, please fill out the application and return it to Joyce Kelly by July 15th.

Thank you!

application for 2015 LCAC holiday show


Becky Busi – LCAC Artist

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Discardia is addressing my own internal conflicts with the contrariant imperatives of self image emerging in our culture as we promote and embrace social media.

My work incorporates discarded ephemera, but it’s how we Edit and Discard elements of ourselves that intrigue me. Social media platforms have created an internal catalyst to embellish and hyper-edit our daily personal interests and lives.

We are waiting for those the approbations of our contacts and their contacts.

We want to be touched by others, but there is no true physical touching involved. Aristotle wrote ….“touch is the sense common to all animal species”. We are not physically touched by the world we inhabit on social media. We are looking for the intellectual and emotional recognition, but I believe there is part of the sense, the most important sense—-touch, that is missing.

I draw with Discarded brushes and sticks. I draw on and incorporate Discarded maps, plastics and papers that once had a strong social significance. I draw on Duralar which doesn’t accept ink easily. These imperfect social landscapes embrace our imperfections…, those imperfections that I see as beautiful.



M.F.A., Mills College, Oakland CA. 2007

B.A., CSUH, Hayward CA. 1999

B.S., Bishop Marty, S.D. 1986

Credentialed Internship: Stanford Hospital, Stanford, CA. 1986

Foothill College, Los Altos, CA. 1984

Solo Shows:

2015                     Guardino Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2013                     Stephen Leontie Gallery, Twain Hart, CA

2007                     San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery, September

1998                     Sun Gallery, Hayward CA

1997                     CSUH, Hayward CA

Group Exhibitions:

2014                     Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA., October

Guardino Gallery, Dias de Los Meurtos, September

Milepost 5, Face: Reimaging Portrait, June

2013                     Guardino Gallery, Dias de Los Meurtos, October

TAKT GalleryBerlin, Germany, September

Liz Cohn Gallery 6 PDX, PWAFD

2012                     Guardino Gallery, Day of the Dead, October

Open Studios, Portland, Juried, October

                                Edgefield McMinnimins, Cracked Pots, August

Side Street Gallery, Reimaging of the Portrait, Portland, Oregon

2011                    Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn, NY February

                                Art Director, Salem, Oregon, July

                                Side Street Gallery, Portland, Oregon, May

                                San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Artists Gallery

2010                     Color On Tap, Portland, OR. March and December

                                San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA February

                                Gallery Route One, Point Reyes, CA January

2009                     Feet Across America, International Web-based Simulcast

                                Benicia Art Gallery, Benicia, CA September

                                Gallery Poulet, San Francisco, CA March and September

Bedford Art Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

2007                     SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA., September

                                Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA

2004-05              Santa Cruz Museum of Art, Santa Cruz, CA

                                The Crucible, Oakland, CA

                                Bedford Art Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

Open Studios, Benicia CA

CC14 Diablo Valley Community College Art Museum, Pleasant Hill, CA

2002                     VanderZanden Studios, Oakland, CA

2001-02              Blu Gallery, Mendocino, CA

Pro Arts Oakland, CA

2000                     Lamorinda Arts Gallery, Lafayette, CA

Moraga Art Gallery, Moraga, CA

University Art Gallery, Hayward, CA

                                Sun Gallery, Hayward, CA

1999                     County Recorders Office, Oakland, CA

Veterans Hospital, San Leandro, CA

CSUH Art Gallery, Hayward CA

1998                     Hayward City Projects- Emerging Artists, City Hall, Hayward, CA 1998

Public Art:

2013     Friendly House, Portland, OR

2011     Friendly House, Portland, OR

2006     Extreme Makeover, Children’s Murals Concord, CA

2002     Alameda County Recorders Office, Alameda, CA

2001     Oakland City Hall, Oakland, CA

2000     City of Chico, CA

                Fry’s Electronics, Exterior Wall, Davis, CA

1999     Veterans Memorial, Veterans Building, San Leandro, CA

1998     Office Depot, Davis, CA

Maquette Forum, Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA

1997     CSUH Library, Hayward, CA

1994     Sacramento Zoo, Sacramento, CA

Juried Awards and Honors:  

2007     Graduate Research Grant Mills College, Oakland, CA

Herringer Foundation Scholarship and Awards, Oakland, CA

Ekland Fellowship, Oakland, CA. (and 2006)

2005     Santa Cruz Emerging Artist Award, Santa Cruz, CA

1999     CSUH Museum Gallery, Best in Show (Juror – Richard Berger SFAI)

1998     CSUH Honorary Fellowship in Studio Art with an Emphasis in Bronze (Yoshitomo        Saito) 1998

1998     CSUH Helen Jacobsen Award, Juror – John Wehrle, 1997-1998

Press, Publications, Television and Internet:

2012     Cracked Pots, Poster/Featured Illustration, McMinnimins

2009, ezine55, April

2007     Extreme Makeover Bay Area Crisis Nursery, Art in the Making, Documentary

2006     SF Chronicle, Extreme Makeover Children’s Shelter

2007     Contra Costa Times, Sheltering our own, Contra Costa County, CA October

2005     Santa Cruz Art League Newsletter, Volume 14, Issue 1

                Contra Costa Times, Local Voice, Contra Costa, CA June

2000     Contra Costa Times, Contra Costa, CA., October

1999     San Jose Mercury News, Our Changing Careers, San Jose, CA

1998     The View, Office of Public Affairs, Hayward, CA December

                Ocums Razor, Printed in Hayward, CA

John Natsoulas Press, Davis, CA

                The Operein, San Leandro, CA November

1997     Mission, published quarterly by CHW South Bay, 1997

Congratulations to LCAC member Dianne Sichel!

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Congratulations to LCAC member Dianne Sichel!

Her See | Me Exposure Award Entry earned 115 votes and will be displayed with other photographers representing nearly every nation on earth in a digital display premiering at the Louvre museum. Her work will also be viewable in a special online presentation premiering July 13th and continuing throughout the year.

The panel has selected the following image to be included in the digital display at the reception at the Louvre Museum and in the photography exhibition to be posted online and in print. Her photo has been hand selected for inclusion in The Sky Collection.

Dianne Sichel
Dianne Sichel

Judi Davis – LCAC Artist

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After exchanging my Kodak Brownie for my first 35mm, a camera has been around my neck, on my shoulder or within reach for the past 25+ years.  I’ve worked both as an amateur and professional, teaching photography or accepting whatever freelance work would come my way.
Judi Davis lcac web

I enjoy the playfulness and constant motion of natural light as it dances around a subject. Whether it is the neighborhood children splashing through one of Portland’s puddles or the simple dance of clothes drying on a line, I am not only drawn to this rhythm in nature but my camera seeks it like a magnet!

Several years ago, I was asked to teach a photography class to students at a school in Honduras.  I returned for a couple of years. That opportunity led me to create a week long experience for students in Portland, known as PhotoCamp PDX.

Camps are offered in the Spring and Summer. Please contact me      email   website 
Judi Davis is available for portrait and commercial work.

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Photocamp PDX 2015 Update

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Judi Davis’ PhotoCamp PDX 2015 that is coming up the week of July 20-25th is now FULL!

Looks like a creative and fun time will be had by all.

PhotoCamp PDX 2015
PhotoCamp PDX 2015

History and Camp Beginnings

Several years ago, I was asked to teach a photography class to students in a school in Honduras.  I returned to teach for a couple of years.  It was a wonderful experience which provided me the opportunity to create a week long camp for students in Portland known as PhotoCamp PDX.

During the week long camp, students learn photography basics; camera operation, composing a photograph, printing images, and matting to frame and show.

The camp concludes with a Gallery Walk to celebrate their success with family and friends. The talented photographers have displayed their work at Blue Kangaroo, and you’ll find their cards at Portland Homestead Supply.

Theresa Weil – LCAC Artist

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Theresa Weil is a professional mixed media artist with a career rooted in Oregon’s arts and culture for the last three decades of career. Create works in various traditional and commercial mediums such as graphic design, ceramics, drawing, oil, acrylic and reverse glass painting. These mediums are the foundation for current paper collage works. Create “assemblage art” that further explores paper collage and paper board in two/three dimensional sculptural work. Commissions created for clients reflect their surroundings, sensibilities and life.

artists listing




Janelle Schneider – LCAC Artist

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Janelle Schneider is an artist and designer. With an extensive background in 3d digital painting for feature films, and a solid grounding of education and experience in fine art and design, she walks comfortably between traditional and digital approaches, methods, and techniques.  A native of the Pacific Northwest, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art.

 “I make art because the creating connects me to something greater. I believe that art has the power to point us back to our place within the web of life, to help us change our story, and thus our actions in the world.

 My work in acrylics, and mixed media offer thought threads, idea seeds, visual symbolism for a new story, reconnecting through art to understanding our place within the biosphere of Nature and that which truly sustains us.”

Whether you are looking for a commissioned painting on canvas, a print and web friendly logo design / identity package, a new website, or 3d textures for creatures and characters, Janelle’s experience with each translates into more effective visual communication for all.

email        website         instagram      facebook art page     Etsy Shop

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