Janelle Schneider – LCAC Artist

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Janelle Schneider is an artist and designer. With an extensive background in 3d digital painting for feature films, and a solid grounding of education and experience in fine art and design, she walks comfortably between traditional and digital approaches, methods, and techniques.  A native of the Pacific Northwest, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art.

 “I make art because the creating connects me to something greater. I believe that art has the power to point us back to our place within the web of life, to help us change our story, and thus our actions in the world.

 My work in acrylics, and mixed media offer thought threads, idea seeds, visual symbolism for a new story, reconnecting through art to understanding our place within the biosphere of Nature and that which truly sustains us.”

Whether you are looking for a commissioned painting on canvas, a print and web friendly logo design / identity package, a new website, or 3d textures for creatures and characters, Janelle’s experience with each translates into more effective visual communication for all.

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