Photocamp PDX 2015 Update

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Judi Davis’ PhotoCamp PDX 2015 that is coming up the week of July 20-25th is now FULL!

Looks like a creative and fun time will be had by all.

PhotoCamp PDX 2015
PhotoCamp PDX 2015

History and Camp Beginnings

Several years ago, I was asked to teach a photography class to students in a school in Honduras.  I returned to teach for a couple of years.  It was a wonderful experience which provided me the opportunity to create a week long camp for students in Portland known as PhotoCamp PDX.

During the week long camp, students learn photography basics; camera operation, composing a photograph, printing images, and matting to frame and show.

The camp concludes with a Gallery Walk to celebrate their success with family and friends. The talented photographers have displayed their work at Blue Kangaroo, and you’ll find their cards at Portland Homestead Supply.


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