Studio Tour: Amanda Houston

Amanda displays her new line of pastels

Artist Amanda Houston hosted the LCAC group at her Cornelius home and studio in April. Ten members learned of Amanda’s artistic journey from fashion design in the corporate world to the solitude of creating breathtaking landscapes in oil and pastel. Well-documented and well-spoken, Houston described some of her frustrations and successes as an independent artist. Her life is full: creating art, fulfilling commissions, teaching, showing, and marketing her work. It was eye-opening to see how Amanda manages her successful art career.

Studio notes: How little can I put in and get away with? How much detail can I put in? Lose an edge on every shape. Connect adjacent shapes in similar value. Sharp edges have to be accurate. Use four values.

Thank you Amanda, for sharing this entertaining and educational time with us. We wish you all the best as you continue on your artistic path.

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