LCAC New Members

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The Left Coast Artists Collective is pleased to welcome our new members. See the Artists section to see the creative work of these talented women.

Elizabeth Chadwick

Leslie Ebert

Suzanne Ebert

Lonnie Feather

Melissa Gannon

Eileen Holzman


Garden Trees: Large as Life!

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Irene Stauffer installation at the Portland Bottle Shop through April 30

7960 SE 13th Ave in Sellwood, Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm

golden garden trees
Golden Garden Trees, 9 panel installation, 39 x 57″

My work of the past several years has a lot to do with living in the Pacific Northwest, where the majesty of forests and even the humbler sidewalk trees provide abundant inspiration and patient models for my art.

I bring these models to my studio in my sketchbooks or in my photographs to further develop the dialog. My process involves experimentations with various media where I want to have the freedom whether it is drawing, aquarelle, oil, photography, what ever suits to my mood within the subject. 

Growing up as a Nordic girl in the midst of lakes and forestland in Finland holds a great influence in my minimal and open esthetic. This art work is from the series of ‘Wabi-Sabi Trees’, an ongoing project, that begun almost a decade ago while I resided in Seattle, and continues here in my new home town, Portland.

The source material for this nine panel unique window, ‘Golden Garden Trees #2’, is photography based, altered as digital drawing, and printed on Japanese Kozo paper with pigment inks. Then the paper is fused on wooden panel boards, and the panels are coated with clear artist grade acrylic. 

Voilà, here is your window to the nature!

Soul Box Project

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2nd boxes
These mighty little paper boxes carry a big message.

The national community Soul Box Project aims to raise awareness of the epidemic of gun violence in our country and honor the victims of gun violence throughout the US. On February 15, 36,000 boxes will be hand delivered to the Oregon state capitol in Salem. Each box represents a person who has been killed by gunfire in the US in an average year.

The Soul Box Project envisions a society where all people living in the US are empowered to choose actions regarding responsible gun use that reflect their values, priorities and beliefs so we can live in safe communities, talk to resolve conflicts, have schools focus on learning, gather to worship in peace, and thrive in economies that foster trust and unity.

To learn more, visit Make a box, send a box, mail a box to Soul Box, PO Box 19900, Portland, OR 97280.


LCAC artists support the vision of the Soul Box Project to pay respect to gunfire victims.




Hello, Goodbye: Ghosts and Shadows

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annuciation, ecaustic montype on janpaniese kozu rice paper, 12 x 12
Annunciation, encaustic monotype on Japanese Kofu rice paper,    12″ x 12″

Michele Sabatier’s show at Karuna Contemplative Living includes twenty encaustic  monoprints inspired by “meditation on beginnings, endings, and their cyclical natures that often blur the distinction between the two.” Using naturally derived pigments with beeswax and damar resin, she incorporates objects left behind by the tide to print and emboss on rice paper. The show runs through January.

To see more of Michele’s work, visit

Karuna Contemplative Living

1725 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR

Mon-Fri 10am-3pm; Sat 11am-5pm, Sun closed


Cows Around the World

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Rescued: Thailand  Pastel, 18 x 24″

Marty Urman displays pastels at the Portland Bottle Shop in January and February 2019. Her long love of cows is captured in her colorful images. “Rescued: Thailand” (above) is a cow from a non-profit animal sanctuary in Chang Mai, Thailand. The Elephant Nature Park supports one hundred retired and maimed elephants, several hundred dogs, and other needy livestock. Despite her damaged horn, this gal looks very content! Other images are from Costa Rica, Mexico, Ireland and the USA.


The Portland Bottle Shop

7960 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

Open Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm

Gamblin Paint Tour

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In December the group was treated to a private tour of the Gamblin Oil Paint facility in southeast Portland. Our delightful and knowledgeable guide, Mary, showed us the process of making oil paint from mixing to milling to packaging to shipping services; all done on site with six employees. The hands-on system was simple, straight forward, and remarkable with color matching done by Mark’s eye — no computer needed!

Here is our group posing in front of the color samples created by this unique company, born and raised in Portland, Oregon.

And while we were in the holiday spirit, we took ourselves to lunch at Clark Lewis.


Judi Davis Photography

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PDX Bottle Shop Art Work Judi Davis 11.18

Photography by Judi Davis is featured through December 2018 at The Portland Bottle Shop. Her newest work includes vibrant images from ancient canals in Venice.

The Portland Bottle Shop

7960 SE 13th Avenue in Sellwood

Portland, OR 97202

Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm

Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm


Beach Retreat

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Cindy Geffel, Judi Davis, Beth Collins, Marty Urman, and Sheila DeLaquil at Lincoln City Cabana overlooking the Pacific waves

Five LCAC artists enjoyed a beach weekend in Lincoln City in October. Graced with both rough and tumble weather and sweet ocean breezes, the group settled into the local cabana to learn new art techniques, create their own work, and get to know each other. It was the perfect weekend to explore ideas for the future of the group between beach walks and good food. The annual retreat is hosted by the LCAC.

Acrylic artist Cindy Geffel brought a boxful of paints and brushes and gave a demonstration of collage techniques. Marty Urman gave a brief talk about pastels and gave everyone an opportunity to push chalk around paper.


cindy giving demonstration
Cindy Geffel acrylic demonstration

judi ocean pic
A rough ocean created by Judi Davis in pastel

beach walking
And a sunny day for beach walk

PhotoCamp PDX

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LCAC artist Judi Davis worked with children at PhotoCamp PDX this summer. Their finished work was displayed at Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters in Sellwood in June and July. The week-long session instructed students on how to compose, capture, edit, print, and share their photos. The camp concluded with a Gallery Walk for family and friends to celebrate the talented photographers’ work.




“LOVE PDX” Group Installation

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New work by the Left Coast Artist Collective through June 2018

Beth Collins, Judi Davis, Sheila DeLaquil, Laura Garnier, Dana Gillen-Klaebe, Ann Ott-Cooper, Nancy Powell, Ellen Reardon, Michele Sabatier, Irene Stauffer, Marty Urman

The Portland Bottle Shop

7960 SE 13th Avenue in Sellwood

Portland, OR 97202

Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm

Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm