Marty Urman – Pastel Artist


I have been drawing since I was four. The person I admired most was my babysitter because she could color in coloring books and stay within the lines. My crayons were taken from me on a regular basis. For some reason, my parents did not appreciate my scribblings in the front of their books or on the wall of my closet. All I needed was some typing paper.

Animals have always been a primary subject.  My love for horses, dogs, elephants, and cows are depicted a lot in my drawings. And now I combine these subjects with my worldwide travels. Elephants from Thailand and cows from Ireland or Mexico are included in my pastels.

Landscapes, particularly with rivers or oceans, are a favorite subject as well. Working with photos from my travels keeps me entertained as I remember places I have visited in the US or abroad. I have been fortunate to travel quite a bit and take photos with the thought of painting from them. 

The goal in my work is to depict a subject as quickly as possible, to create an image that is as minimal and, especially with my landscapes. I love pastels for this reason. Their quick application and brilliant colors work with this goal in mind. Many of my paintings emit a sense of peace and quiet. My favorite comment is when people say my pictures make them feel calm.

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